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10 Steps to a More Peaceful Life

The only place to find peace is in your heart. Crucial to midlife self care is creating peace in the chaos of life. As we get older, we gain more responsibilities for our children, parents, family and our own future. These ten steps will ground you amid the chaos:

  1. Live by your beliefs and values…but don’t ostracize others for theirs
  2. Set priorities…let the other’s fall away
  3. Follow your passion/what fills your soul…even if you can only do so once a month
  4. Achieve balance…learn to say no and also to yes when you want to
  5. Feel content… know you are doing your best and you are loved
  6. Make a difference…do a small gesture daily, it will lift someone up, and you
  7. Live in the moment…really try, put down your phone, look up and around
  8. Trust the process…the universe will bring it to you
  9. Remove toxic people and situations from your life…as much as possible
  10. Be patient…especially with yourself in 1-9 above.

CinDiLo is a writer who inspires fellow Midlife Women to have fun, dream, and put themselves first!

👩🏻‍🏫 Her experiences as a paralegal, entrepreneur, instructor, speaker, and career advisor have ignited her passion to work with women of all ages, in all stages of life including divorce, continuing education, re-entering the work force and creating their second act. 🗞 She has been featured in Working Mother Media, Grown & Flown Media, Career Starter 2nd Edition, and legal publications.

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